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Fairy dust in 2016


A tiny bit of magic is all we need..

This profound little quotation has got me through my teenage years and is still keeping me going strong. Being in a slightly whimsical state of mind today, I will say that given a choice I would gladly take a magic wand and correct my life in an instant. As a child, I remember believing so stoically in magic, fairies and Hogwarts that I could easily have convinced most of the miracle-hating community otherwise. Even as I grew into a teenager, I remained spellbound by all of the ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ Harry Potter crap (I can never forget the countless hours spent in trying to perfect the wrist movement required for the spell). I desperately waited for a miracle to happen, for a little fairy-dust to ‘accidentally’ be dropped on me or at least for a genie to appear granting me my three wishes (I need only one..for all my wishes to come true *evil grin*) so that I could escape from my life into a world where sweaters are knitted and houses cleaned in seconds with just a spell.

This transformation into a non-believer of magic happened when I was trying to fit into the golden corporate world. Although corporates seem glowey from the outside but they actually are a massive pile of praise-thirsty, money-laundering goons, ready to rip throats at your slightest movements (Disclaimer: These claims may be exaggerated, given my current state of mind). Now that I am 5 years into this hellish world and have learnt to survive in it while upholding my principle of not ripping open an unsuspecting person’s throat, I realize that all this while I have been secretly holding on to my wish for magic to happen and inadvertently believing in magic. Looking back on situations, I realize that I have studied like Hermione when life demanded me to, been carefree as Peter Pan and escaped into the many wonderous lands of the Enchanted Tree when life decisions got too tough to handle. I have always found peace of mind and the will to attack ‘ma vie’ with a new zest.

However much I may curse the authors for making innocent kinds like me believe in silly magic spells, I today understand it is this belief which has got me through the trickiest of situations. Believing in the magic of the world, as a child would, is a gift that few possess. The rest may scoff all they want but this faith is the magic fairy dust to make our lives more enchanting. So, try letting the child within you awaken and sit back when magic sweeps you off your feet and takes you into its Faraway Lands!